“Absurd” plan to merge every Moray school

John Finnie speaking at the University of the Highlands and IslandsJohn Finnie has urged Moray Council bosses to abandon their plan to merge all of Moray’s primary and secondary schools into a single 12,000-pupil mega-campus.

John said:

“Moray Council need to stop wasting time with this obviously absurd plan and get back to finding a realistic solution that keeps schools at the heart of communities across Moray.

“The megaschool would have more pupils than there are undergraduates at the University of Aberdeen. On school days, it would be a town the same size as Forres. Children as young as four would have a commute of up to an hour each way.

“Not only would this be unworkable, it would tear schools and school children out of their communities. We need more community connection with our schools, not less.”

John welcomes Council support for Moray refugee project

Moray Supports Refugees logoJohn Finnie has expressed his gratitude for Moray Council’s backing of the Moray Supports Refugees group, and tabled a Scottish Parliament motion to allow other MSPs the chance to do the same.

Moray Supports Refugees both collects donations of clothing and other vital supplies for delivery to refugee camps in France and Greece, and works to support refugees who have settled in Moray.

Moray Council has given the group a rent-free use of three units on the Chanonry industrial estate in Elgin, and waived the business rates on the property.

John said:

“Refugees have given up everything to escape nightmare situations like the war in Syria, and I am so grateful for the work the volunteers of Moray Supports Refugees do to help refugees put their lives back together.

“The support of Moray Council in the form of premises and the business rates waiver allows Moray Supports Refugees to do even more to help refugees, both on the Continent and here in Moray.

“It’s also an important gesture, showing that Moray welcomes refugees, rejects xenophobia, and is determined to be a safe and supportive home for those fleeing war and persecution.

“Both Moray Supports Refugees and Moray Council deserve our sincerest gratitude for working to make that home a reality for people who have none.”

John’s Scottish Parliament motion reads:

otion S5M-00381: John Finnie, Highlands and Islands, Scottish Green Party, Date Lodged: 08/06/2016
Moray Supports Refugees

That the Parliament welcomes the decision by Moray Council to offer a rent-free lease of three business units to help the Moray Supports Refugees group; also notes that Moray Council waived the remaining 20% of rates following charity status deduction; believes that this gesture will go a long way to ensuring that Moray and Scotland are seen as a welcoming and supportive home for those fleeing war and persecution; understands that the units will be used to collect, sort and distribute humanitarian aid for refugees, and sends its best wishes and sincere gratitude to Moray Council for its work in supporting the group.