ScotRail Queries

John recently raised a number of specific issues, brought to him by constituents, with ScotRail. The issues related to redundancy schemes, cleaning, toilet failures, refreshment trolley services, breakdowns and online issues. You can read ScotRail’s replies below:

  • Since the start of the franchise in April 2015, the number of leavers under voluntary redundancy has been as follows: 2015/16 : 48, 2016/17 :  23, and 2017/18 : 17.
  • We have a comprehensive resourcing plan of cleaning requirements for our train fleet.  A new cleaning regime is in place and the results from mystery shopper exercises out and about on the network have been very encouraging.  In the last couple of months, we have created 21 new cleaning posts and we will continue with this recruitment drive into 2018, as we introduce the electric trains and High Speed Trains connecting Scotland’s seven cities.
    John has sought clarification on where these posts are. 
  • We don’t keep a rolling record of toilet failures.  Any faults are, however, reported and dealt with at our maintenance depots as quickly as possible following any reports of defects or blockages.  Transport Scotland does measure our on-train cleaning standards, including toilets, and the most recent mystery shopper results show a steady improvement on toilet presentation and functionality.  We have made a number of modifications to some of the on-train toilets to improve their reliability, as well as introducing controlled emission toilets on our Class 156 trains.
  • The number of occasions this year Inverness to Wick/Thurso trains ran without a refreshment trolley was 434.  This is 18.8% of the 2300 services we have run on the route so far this year.  We recognise this is not good enough and have a plan in place to address the staffing challenges on this route.
  • A full review was undertaken with the Freight Operating Company following the locomotive breakdown on 13 The company has reviewed its contingency arrangements to recover a locomotive in the event of a breakdown and we have asked them to work with other operators to minimise any disruption if there is any future locomotive failure.
    John has lodged parliamentary questions to assess what contingencies are in place in the event of future breakdowns
  • I am pleased to advise the problem with our online customer comments forms was resolved very quickly and the system is again operating normally.

Scotrail Must Serve North Better

Scottish Greens Transport and Tourism Spokesperson John Finnie MSP has called on Scotrail to ensure that passengers in the North receive a decent level of service.

The call comes following enquiries from Mr Finnie which reveal that the Inverness to Wick/Thurso Scotrail service ran without a refreshment trolley on 434 occasions in 2017, the equivalent of almost one in five journeys.

Highlands and Islands MSP John Finnie said:

“It is completely unacceptable that more than 400 far north services ran without a refreshment trolley in 2017. These journeys take more than four hours and passengers reasonably expect a decent level of service. It is not too much to ask for the opportunity to buy a drink and a sandwich. This is particularly relevant when ticket prices have risen sharply yet again.

“In addition to the inconvenience this causes to the local population it also presents the north in a bad light to visitors. Tourism is hugely important to the Highlands and tourists will rightly expect advertised facilities to be available when they travel.

“I understand Scotrail have put a plan in place to address staffing issues and I have written to them making it clear to them that they must provide a better service in 2018 than they did last year.”

Armed Police Assessments Must Be Published, says Finnie

In response to a Topical Question of the recent Police Scotland announcement about a different model of deployment for Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) operators Cabinet Secretary Michael Matheson clearly criticised the existing model as ineffective.

The Scottish Green Party consider the changes to ARV deployment, which mean that armed officers will now attend routine incidents, and the roll-out of more officers armed with TASER are flawed.

Speaking after the statement, John Finnie MSP, Scottish Greens Justice spokesperson, himself a former police officer, said:

“I advised the Cabinet Secretary that Police Scotland sending briefings or meeting with politicians does not constitute consultation on this vital issue.

“We are seeing slow but significant changes in our police service, quite properly being equipped with personal protection equipment, to the roll out of offensive, potentially fatal weaponry like firearms and TASER.

“I am disappointed that my request that the Cabinet Secretary call on Police Scotland to publish the risk assessments they purport underwrite the existing and proposed models of deployment went unanswered.

“What we need is facts not innuendo and spin. There is no legitimate reason why the public should not be given access to assessments which are fundamentally changing our model of policing.

“I will ask the acting Chief Constable to publish both documents.

“The Scottish Green Party also require to know the mechanisms by which the disarming of police officers can take place.

“We want less rather than more weapons in our communities.”

Finnie Comments On Gagging Of Easter Ross Workers

Highlands and Islands Green MSP John Finnie has offered a guarded welcome to the news that the 31 workers who lost their jobs as a result Highland Council not renewing a recycling contract with an Easter Ross company are to receive some payments.

John Finnie said:

“It’s unfortunate that it took me raising the issue at First Minister’s Questions and posing a series of questions to Highland Council to get any movement on this issue. I understand the workers will require to sign ‘gagging’ clauses to receive 13 weeks’ payment. They won’t be allowed to comment on either the Council or its policies, along with anyone in any way connected with the local authority or indeed the French company, Suez, that were given the contract by the Council.

“However, I am under no such obligation not to comment and will expect Highland Council to detail how we ended up in this point and the extent to which they are funding this deal. Highland Council lacks political leadership; indeed the Leader Councillor Margaret Davidson indicated she was heading off on holiday rather than meet the workers.

“So, whilst pleased for the individual workers – none of whom now have a job – let’s not forget that, as a result of this shambles, Highland’s recycled waste will now be transported to Newcastle. It’s about time that Highland Council’s administration got a grip and assessed the widest implications of their decision-making.

“For instance, I’m sure that they didn’t factor paying several thousand pounds to 31 workers as a result of this botched episode. In addition to asking Highland Council for an explanation, I will be raising this case with Audit Scotland.”

Finnie Raises Easter Ross Recycling Jobs with First Minister

North Green MSP John Finnie raised the plight of 31 workers, who have lost their jobs due to a controversial Highland Council procurement decision, at First Minter’s Questions, this afternoon.

The decision has resulted in the entire workforce at Evanton-based William Munro Construction losing their jobs, after Highland Council awarded a £1.5million recycling contract to a French multi-national company, SUEZ.

The council informed the company by email, less than 2hours before their existing contract expired that their recycling contact would not be renewed.

Subsequently, SUEZ has denied they need to take on any of Munro’s workforce under the TUPE Regulations and the 31 workers now not only have no work but are also, due to their disputed employment status, unable to claim benefits.

This new contract will result in recyclable waste from across the Highlands being transported to Newcastle for processing.

John said:

“It is extremely concerning that the Highland Council have acted in this fashion, essentially pushing 31 employees into redundancy less than one month before Christmas.

“I was pleased to have the opportunity to raise the issue with the First Minister and welcome that she plans to investigate.

“It beggars belief that the council have decided they will transport this waste to Newcastle for processing. They have failed to adequately consider the workers involved, the impact this will have on the local economy in Easter Ross and the wider environmental impact transporting this waste will have and I’ve written them telling them so.”

Finnie Calls for Radical Overhaul of Drugs Strategy

Scottish Greens Justice spokesperson John Finnie MSP this afternoon (28/11/2017) responded to a ministerial statement calling for a radical overhaul of Scotland’s drugs strategy.

Minister for Public Health Aileen Campbell used the statement to highlight that the Scottish Government will refresh their drug and alcohol strategy in the spring.

Responding for the Greens, Finnie, who is also the Co-Convenor of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Drug and Alcohol Misuse, pointed to the unacceptable level of drug related deaths.

Mr Finnie highlighted figures from the Scottish Drugs Forum, outlined in a parliamentary motion last week, of an outbreak of HIV in Glasgow with 105 cases identified as of October, with a number of these cases having hepatitis C co-infection – an issue across Scotland. He also referred to the closure of the busiest sterile injection equipment supply facility in Scotland, at Glasgow’s Central Station, has led to a significant reduction in the number of clients accessing such equipment.

Speaking after the statement John said:

“Clearly this is a health rather than a justice matter. The Scottish Government must accept that rather than a refresh of something which is obviously failing, a radical overhaul – including looking at decriminalisation – is required if we are to seriously address this issue.”

Finnie Calls for “Urgent Action” to Save Bi-Fab Jobs

Highlands and Islands MSP John Finnie has called for urgent action to save hundreds of jobs potentially under threat at Arnish following Burntisland Farbricators (Bi-Fab) notice of intention to appoint administrators.

Green MSP Finnie said:

“Urgent action is required to save the jobs under threat following the announcement that Bi-Fab is to appoint administrators. The threat posed to the Arnish yard is extremely concerning. It is vital that the Scottish Government engages all stakeholders in a constructive process which explores all options to preserve these jobs both in the immediate and into the long term.

“Scotland has huge potential to be a world leader in a just transition toward a low carbon manufacturing future and Bi-Fab have been at the forefront of this move over the last few years. Greens will look to work collaboratively – with other parties, trade unions and industry in an effort to achieve a swift and positive resolution to this situation.”