Rail for All

The Scottish Green Party has set out a proposal for the biggest rail investment programme Scotland has ever seen. Our fully costed £22bn plan would transform our railway, building a modern, zero-carbon network that is affordable an accessible for all.

These plans are about making rail the natural choice for every journey, whether your commuting, travelling for work or leisure. This investment can form the backbone of our recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, creating thousands of unionised jobs while building the infrastructure necessary to tackle the climate emergency.

Scotland’s railway has suffered from chronic underinvestment, with governments of all political stripes favouring roads. Some improvements have been made over the last few years, but everywhere north of the central belt remains largely neglected. Our proposals would change that with investment for the whole country.

Perhaps the most eye-catching part of our plan is a proposed tunnel under the Firth of Forth which would slash journey times between Edinburgh and Fife. Not only that but by easing congestion elsewhere it would open up capacity across the network creating benefits everywhere.

These proposals are ambitious and transformative but the climate emergency demands no less. You can read the full report here.