John’s Member’s ll is a chance for MSPs to show leadership

The Scottish Parliament will have the chance to show courageous leadership this evening when it votes on a bill to give children the same legal protection from assault that adults currently enjoy, according to John.

John is the member in charge of the Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill, which will face its final vote in parliament tonight (3 Oct).

By passing this Bill, Scotland will come into line with international best practice, joining 57 other countries who already prohibit the physical punishment of children.

John said:

“This evening the Scottish Parliament has the opportunity to show courageous leadership by putting in place vital legal protections for Scotland’s children. It is staggering that our smallest and most vulnerable citizens are the only people who do not currently have this protection, and now is the time to rectify that. Physical punishment has no place in 21st century Scotland. The international evidence tells us that it can have serious adverse impacts on children, and that it is not an effective. It is time for parliament to put an end to it tonight.”