John Announced as Beaver Species Champion

John Finnie was announced this week as the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s new champion for the Eurasian beaver and as first order of business welcomed the new legal protections for the species, despite Tory attempts to block progress.

The Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee this week agreed to add the beaver to a list of European protected species, which will mean they can only be culled under licence and after other management steps have failed.

John said the decision to give legal protection was ‘vital’ and blasted the Tories for seeking to continue a free-for-all on indiscriminate culls.

Commenting further John said:

“The beaver is a keystone species because of the multiple benefits it can have on biodiversity and Scotland has already benefited from their reintroduction – but sadly they have been targeted for indiscriminate killing, including of pregnant mums and their young.

“That’s why Greens have pushed consistently for these vital legal protections – but the Tories should hang their heads in shame for trying to roll back the clock instead of boosting Scotland’s precious biodiversity.”