Scottish Government Must Take Control of ScotRail Shambles

Highlands and Islands Green MSP John Finnie has called on the Scottish Government to take control of the ScotRail shambles, in the Scottish Parliament today (8 Jan 2019).

Mr Finnie once again highlighted the poor service commuters in the Highlands, and across the country, have been receiving in recent months, asking the Cabinet Secretary for Transport what level of mismanagement is required from Abellio before Ministers will take control of the situation.

John Finnie said:

“Passengers have been failed time and again by ScotRail over recent months, with overcrowded, understaffed, delayed, or cancelled services becoming the norm for many passengers. Abellio has been given multiple chances to improve, and it is quite clear that they are providing a substandard service. It cannot be right that they can continue to fail, and face no serious repercussions.

“I am pleased that the Cabinet Secretary finally hinted today that ending the franchise early was an option he would consider. Given Abellio’s pitiful performance, this cannot come soon enough.”