The Highland Council Must “Get a Grip” of Repair Backlog

Highlands and Islands MSP John Finnie has called on the Highland Council to deal with its £100 million building repair backlog urgently before someone is seriously injured.

The P&J revealed on Tuesday that Highland Council has over £100 million of building repairs outstanding, with some requiring urgent action.

The news came the day after rubble fell through the ceiling of Inverness Library, landing close to public areas.

John Finnie said:

“The Highland Council must get a grip of their repair backlog before someone is seriously injured or killed as a result of unsafe buildings. It will rightly concern many people that public buildings we use every day are in urgent need of repair and require immediate attention.

“What is perhaps more alarming is that auditors were unable to confirm whether more buildings were effected. Clarity must be provided as soon as possible.

“Urgent action must be taken to ensure that any buildings which pose a serious risk of injury are taken out of commission until these repairs are completed.

“Whilst the Council Leader may bemoan her budget and shrug her shoulders perhaps she and other senior members of the administration would do better to reflect on who saddled the council with the obscene levels of PFI/PPP debts which could have financed a robust inspection and repair regime and much much more.”