John Backs Crofters Against Multi-National Energy Firm

John has slammed plans by energy giant EDF which he says could result in a permanent loss of economic and grazing rights for crofters on the Isle of Lewis.

John has sent a letter of objection to the Scottish Land Court stating that the proposed development by the multinational company, branded as ‘Lewis Wind Power’ risks impacting on crofters’ rights.

It is understood that four crofting townships in the area have their own plans to construct a wind farm which would see the benefits stay with the crofter shareholders of the common grazers, rather than be syphoned off by this multinational company.

Commenting, John  said:

“The development proposal from EDF, with the disappointing collaboration of The Stornoway Trust, risks impacting the economic and grazing rights of the local crofting communities.

“We must bring an end to multination corporations coming in and profiting from our natural resources at the expense of local communities.

“Greens support sustainable, community based renewable energy production which reduces our reliance on fossil fuel consumption and allows local communities to retain the benefits.”