Thank You!

Thank You to all who have responded to John’s consultation on Equal Protection. It is now closed with well over 600 responses received! Below are the next steps in the Member’s Bill process.

The Parliament’s Non-Governmental Bills Unit (NGBU) will now prepare a summary and analysis of responses to the consultation. As it does with all Member’s Bills.

Following this John can prepare a final proposal. This final proposal appears in the Parliament’s Business Bulletin for a month. To secure the right to introduce a Bill a final proposal needs the support of at least 18 other members from at least half of the political parties or groups represented on the Parliamentary Bureau. (So 18 signatures from 3 of the parties represented in the current Parliament)

The NGBU Then works with the member to further refine the policy, taking account of feedback from the consultation and (via the Parliament’s solicitors) instructs the drafting of the Bill. NGBU prepares the accompanying documents to the Bill (Policy
Memorandum, Explanatory Notes and Financial Memorandum).

The Bill is introduced and proceeds through the same 3-stage process as other Public Bills.