John Comments on Audit Scotland Report onFailed Police i6 IT System

Today (9th March) Audit Scotland has published its report into the failed project which was to deliver a national IT system for Police Scotland. Audit Scotland said the sorry affair leaves an urgent need to deliver improvements.  Audit Scotland says the i6 project collapsed due to a loss of trust between those involved.

Commenting John said:

“The now discontinued i6 project was intended to draw together about 130 computer and paper-based systems and be an intrinsic part of future policing. Audit Scotland correctly point out that the company which won this £46million project were ‘strongly challenged’ by Police Scotland, the Police Authority and the Scottish Government and, indeed the Parliament’s Police Committee of which I’m a member.

“Whilst the police service has come out the other end of this sorry affair with both its reputation and finances intact it still hasn’t the robust information systems it sought and clearly needs. Police Scotland’s ‘2026 draft strategy’ focuses on the future of policing. It’s self-evident that information technology will be key to that future and I endorse the Auditor General’s comment that there is ‘an urgent need for a frank assessment of Police Scotland’s IT requirements.’

“Of course, any future IT procurement process will be subject to the same detailed scrutiny.