John Slams Tories’ Heads in the Clouds on Air Passenger Duty

The Tory proposals to scrap Air Passenger Duty have been slammed by the  Scottish Greens who say it’s not the “genuine investment” in transport that people in Scotland are looking for.

The Scottish Greens have also highlighted that the Conservative plan is to abolish APD for all flights, not just long-haul flights as has been reported.

John, the Scottish Greens’ transport spokesperson, said:

“The Tories continue to have their heads in the clouds, dreaming up new ways to give tax cuts to the richest and to big businesses. Rather than subsidising the airline industry we should be making a genuine investment in transport, by ensuring that vital bus routes don’t get cut and that train services run on time, with ticket prices that are more affordable to the public. The Tories and the SNP must remember that if we are to meet our climate change objectives, as made clear in the Paris Agreement, it’s inconceivable we can do that while scrapping APD.”