Putting Human Rights at the Heart of the Election

Right now Amnesty International are campaigning to have Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.(You can read more about the campaign and contact your candidates here: https://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions/scotland-scottish-parliament-election-human-rights)

During my time as an MSP between 2011 and 2016 I put Human Rights at the heart of everything I did; from moving an amendment during the Police Reform Bill to ensure that the oaths taken by our police officers specifically mention upholding Human Rights, to being appointed as the Parliament’s Justice Committee’s Rapporteur on Human Rights and liasing between the Committee and the Scottish Human Rights Commission.

I was also honoured to be elected the Convenor the Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Human Rights.

As someone who is not only a member of Amnesty International, but also worked closely with Amnesty on a number of issues during my time as an MSP I am delighted to take their pledge.

If re-elected I promise that I will to the very best of my abilities do all that I can to oppose the scrapping of the the Human Rights Act; I will always ensure that refugees are welcome in Scotland and support efforts for a co-ordinated response to the refugee crisis in Europe and press the Scottish Government to always put human rights at the heart of Scotland’s International Relations.