Last week (11th February) John poured scorn on the statement of the Cabinet Secretary for the Environment that the oil proposed for ship-to-ship transfer in the Moray Firth is a different type of oil to that involved when the Cabinet Secretary was a vocal opponent of ship-to-ship transfer in the Firth of Forth.

At General Questions in the Parliament last Thursday, following a question from Dave Thompson MSP on the Scottish Government’s position Cromarty Firth Port Authority’s application for ship-to-ship oil transfer in the Cromarty Firth, Mr Finnie posed a supplementary question to push the Scottish Government on the issue.

In his response Richard Lochhead MSP said: “Unlike the situation with Forth Ports a few years ago, when a different type of oil was being proposed and different circumstances applied”.

Commenting after the question time John said:

“Firstly, I am amazed to discover that Cabinet Secretary believes that the application is merely an “extending an existing activity.” Whilst it’s true to say exchange between ships takes place within the relative safety of the harbour what’s proposed is vastly different and, if granted, would see the transfer of oil between ships on the open saes of the Moray Firth.

“Back in 2007 when it was proposed to carry out oil transfers in the Firth of Forth Richard Lochhead was an outspoken critic of the practice, indeed said “even a scintilla of environmental risk is unacceptable.”

I don’t believe Mr Lochhead’s unacceptable silence on the proposal is in his own back yard, is credibly explained by his astonishing assertion, “ .. a different type of oil was being proposed and different circumstances applied.”

“SNP Councillors in the Highlands are on both sides of this debate and the opportunity existed for the Scottish Government to clarify whether it supported these transfers, and repeatedly it has refused to do so; offering only mealy mouthed platitudes and promises to keep a close eye on proceedings.

“It cannot be the case that what was deemed too risky for the Forth is acceptable for the Moray Firth, unless the Port Authority plans to switch to transferring Cod Liver oil.”