John on Good Morning Scotland – Arms Trade Divestment

Today John spoke on BBC’s Good Morning Scotland in favour of Glasgow University following its own lead in divesting from Carbon industries by divesting from the Arms Trade. – Segment begins at 2:44:54

John has previously called on the Scottish Parliament’s Corporate Body (SPCB) to ensure that the Scottish Parliament does not invest in funds that include tobacco, fossils fuels and armaments. During a question to the SPCB it emerged that 4% of its pension fund was invested in oil and gas, 1% in oil and gas equipment and distribution, 2% in tobacco and 4% in the arms industry.

Commenting at the time John said:

“It looks like rank hypocrisy when the Parliament claims to work for a healthy, sustainable and peaceful Scotland, but its money is going into bankrolling the very opposite.

“As Desmond Tutu has said, nobody should profit from the rising temperatures, seas and human suffering of climate change. Nor should we benefit from the sale of weapons of war, or from the cigarettes that kill 13,000 Scots a year.

“I want an ethical investment policy that takes our money out of fossil fuels, tobacco and weapons, and puts it into socially useful activities like clean energy instead.”

John will continue in the coming weeks to push the SPCB on its investment policies.