A9 speed camera results should end the political game-playing

John Finnie three-quarterData from the three months since average speed cameras were installed on the A9 and the HGV speed limit raised were released today, showing that excessive speeding has collapsed by 97% and journey time reliability has improved.

John has welcomed the huge success of the changes, and hopes the figures should finally put an end to the “political game-playing” that has seen some politicians seek to derail the multi-agency safety campaign.

He said:

“The facts and figures released today show that the installation of average speed cameras and the increase of the HGV speed limit have been a huge success.

“On Scotland’s most notorious road, excessive speeding is down by a huge 97%. Overall speeding is down from one in three drivers to one in twenty. Journey times are more reliable, and the Road Haulage Association say road freight is moving quicker and more smoothly than before.

“This is fantastic news for all users of the A9, which after only three months is already a safer and more reliable route.

“This evidence should put an end to the political games that some have been playing with the safety of A9 users over the last few years. The facts show how unfounded the politically-motivated rumours and scare stories have been.

“I hope now that if any candidate wants to gain political advantage from the A9, they should do it by working as hard as they can to support the multi-agency safety efforts that are saving lives.

“The A9 Safety Partnership should be very proud of what they have achieved for the people of the Highlands. However, their job is made that much harder by rising traffic volumes. As well as giving full support to the safety programme, the Scottish Government should relieve pressure on the A9 by doubling the railway line between Inverness and Perth.”