Independents and Greens back PCS strike

Scottish Parliament staff in the PCS public services union will be on strike tomorrow, as part of their fight for fair pay and pensions. John, along with the four other members of the Independent/Green Group of MSPs will be showing his support by refusing to cross the Holyrood picket line.

John, his fellow independent MSPs Jean Urquhart and John Wilson, and the Green MSPs Alison Johnstone and Patrick Harvie will stay out of the Parliament building during the strike, which runs until 5pm.

John said:

“PCS members, and all public sector workers, have my absolute support in their battle for fair treatment. Across our vital public services, workers are facing lower real wages and higher workloads as the Scottish Government allow them to bear the brunt of the UK Coalition’s cruel and gratuitous austerity project.

“With Labour signed up to the Coalition plan, the SNP have been a welcome voice against the cuts agenda. But their voice is not enough. John Swinney has the power to break the Tory pay squeeze on Scotland’s public servants; he should use it.”