John’s Comments After Court Reform Bill Stage 2

John’s amendments supporting workers’ rights have been accepted.  John was delighted that his amendments to the Court Reform Bill, which addressed concerns by the STUC and others that complex cases will no longer get automatic sanction for counsel if they cannot be taken to the Court of Session, have been accepted by the Scottish Government.

John’s amendments put the “Taylor Test” into the Bill to provide certainty for people without resources that they will not be outgunned in the courts by larger organisations.  John also secured an undertaking ensuring that certain personal injury cases below five thousand pounds can be raised in the new specialist personal injury court.

Speaking after the Committee vote John said: “Section 69 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act, brought in by the UK Government, shamefully removed employers’ statutory liability in workplace injury cases making it harder for workers to press their claims against employers. I am grateful to the Scottish Government for agreeing the changes which go some way to mitigate the effects of Section 69. With independence we can address this specific issue of liability and start reversing the decades of attacks on workers’ terms and conditions imposed by successive UK Governments.”