John’s Parliamentary Motions Week Beginning 02/06/2014

Below You can read the motions John lodged during week beginning 02/06/2014.


Motion S4M-10242: John Finnie, Highlands and Islands, Independent, Date Lodged: 05/06/2014

2014 Rural Scotland in Focus Report

That the Parliament welcomes the report, Rural Scotland in Focus: 2014, produced by Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC); understands that the report highlights the growing number of over-60s living in rural areas who are in fuel poverty; notes with concern the findings that rural pensioners are more likely to be in fuel poverty than not; further notes that the percentage of pensioners in fuel poverty across rural local authorities now reaches an average of 59% and is as high as 75% in Orkney; believes that all parties and governments must play a role in reversing this unacceptable statistic, and calls on all members to take up the report’s call for an overarching strategy for rural Scotland that properly challenges the interconnected issues that it faces.

Motion S4M-10232: John Finnie, Highlands and Islands, Independent, Date Lodged: 04/06/2014

Congratulations to Appin Community Co-op, 30 Years of Serving the Community

That the Parliament congratulates the Appin Community Co-op on celebrating 30 years of serving the community; understands that the co-op was established in 1984 following a share issue that was match-funded by Highlands and Islands Development Board; notes that this was at a time when the future of the shop at Port Appin was in doubt and there was considerable seasonal unemployment in the area; believes that the co-op has made a considerable contribution to the community through projects such as the establishment of the Appin Charitable Trust, which has contributed to a number of initiatives, including the building of a play park, the all-weather pitch at Appin Primary School and supporting the area’s housing association development, and commends the work of the co-op and the trust as excellent examples of how a community can work to ensure its development and sustainability.

Motion S4M-10231: John Finnie, Highlands and Islands, Independent, Date Lodged: 04/06/2014

25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

That the Parliament commemorates the 25th anniversary of the end of the ’89 Democracy Movement in China, commonly known as the Tiananmen Square protests; understands that the student-led protests, which lasted from 15 April 1989 to 4 June 1989, calling for political reform, including democracy and press freedom, were brutally suppressed by the Chinese military on 4 June 1989; understands that, while the official death estimates range from 200 to 300, the number killed is generally thought to be at least 1,000, though no deaths occurred in Tiananmen Square itself, rather in the streets of Beijing; understands that a recent poll found that the iconic Tank Man photograph, which dates from 5 June 1989, was known by only one in 10 students in China, reflecting the successful repression of the event by the Chinese authorities; further understands that, while suppression of the anniversary will take place on the mainland, memorials are planned for Hong Kong and Taiwan, and calls on the Chinese authorities to officially recognise the Tiananmen Square protests, cease the public suppression of the anniversary and follow through on the calls made by the protesters who died 25 years ago.


Motion S4M-10216: John Finnie, Highlands and Islands, Independent, Date Lodged: 04/06/2014


That the Parliament supports the Gaelic broadcaster, Niall Iain Macdonald, in his attempt to row from New York to Stornoway, a journey of 3,400 miles, which is expected to take more than three months; believes that this will be the first time that anyone has attempted to row this particular route; understands that Niall Iain hopes to raise £100,000 for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and that anyone wishing to sponsor him can do so at, and wishes Niall Iain the very best in his attempt and a safe journey.