Council, Community & Leisure Groups Urged to Follow San Francisco in Bottled Water Ban

The sale of bottled water could be banned in Council buildings, community centres and Inverness leisure facilities following calls from John.

John wants the Highland capital to follow in the footsteps of San Francisco which has become the first city in the world to stop sales on public property.

Instead locals in the US city are encouraged to fill up reusable bottles from modern public fountains.

Mr Finnie has written to Highland Council, Highlife Highland and Inverness Leisure asking for a similar ban to be considered.

Speaking on the issue, John said,

“There’s a great on-going campaign to Reinvent Inverness city centre and I would like to see council, community and leisure facilities ban bottled water as part of that.

“Not only is it expensive to buy but there’s a huge environmental impact both in the production of the bottles and in the litter that blights the city streets.

“This area has a fantastic tap water supply, what we lack are drinking fountains and public confidence in using them.

“I would like to see public water fountains included in any development plans for the city centre and consideration given to their inclusion in any future development.

“The financial benefits of reusable bottles also need to be promoted. Individuals are going to save money but so is the Highland Council. These plastic bottles contribute to the amount of landfill the Council pays tax on. The authority wants to reduce its landfill tax and spend that money on things like potholes, a ban on bottled water would go some way to helping them achieve that goal.

“Highland Council, Highlife Highland and Inverness Leisure can lead by example by not selling bottled water on their premises, at events they are involved with hosting or licensing and promoting the use of reusable bottles.

“The Reinvent Inverness campaign provides an opportunity to invest in our public water supply and improve the environment.”