Independent Scotland’s Security

“Every nation must protect its citizens and territory. To do so it must assess the risks faced and put in place measures to address them.

Like every western democracy; the threats an independent Scotland will face are continuity of energy, food and water supplies and cyber-attack, well ahead of terrorism and territorial invasion. Long-term, the pernicious effects of climate change pose the greatest threat of all.

All those issues require co-operation with other countries and I have no doubt that an independent Scotland would build relationships to ensure collective safety. It is not tanks and guns we will need to protect ourselves but knowledge and willingness to work collaboratively with all other nations.

The UK Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee recognised the politically-motivated decision to opt out of the Treaty of Lisbon, and thereby the European Arrest Warrant and European Judicial Network, was ‘fundamentally flawed’.  Those crime fighting tools were removed from the Lord Advocate and Police Scotland, without Scotland’s consultation, a reckless act.  The UK will re-join the arrest warrant hopefully recognising that crimes know no borders.

An independent Scotland will require a security service, however, not one employing the discredited tactics of the UK security services whose recently acknowledged complicity in the murder of Pat Finucane and well-documented involvement in rendition and torture, are a stain on us all.

Freed from the obscene costs of Trident, Scotland would also have the necessary planes and vessels to patrol our massive coastline.

Decades ago Scotland hosted Cold War peace talks and brokered negotiations about conflict in the Caucasus and I believe an independent Scotland could again be a centre for peace and reconciliation.

Scotland must serve rather than destroy humanity and the pursuit of social and environmental justice around the planet will best protect us all in the future.”