John Endorses Green’s Maggie for Euro Vote

John Jean Maggie

John, alongside colleague Jean Urquhart MSP, has  given his full backing to Maggie Chapman, lead candidate of the Scottish Green Party,  ahead of the European Election on May 22nd. The endorsement came during the Radical Independence Conference which was taking place in Inverness on May 10th.

Speaking about the endorsement John said:

“Stopping UKIP means not only preventing their election, but standing up to their toxic politics. I’m voting for Maggie Chapman because she’s the candidate that can do both.

“Maggie and the Greens stand unapologetically for economic justice and against xenophobia. Her election would be a defeat for UKIP and a huge victory for egalitarian, internationalist Scottish values.

“Scots have a great opportunity here to send a message about what kind of Scotland we want. If, like me, you want a just and welcoming Scotland, I hope you’ll vote for Maggie Chapman on May 22nd.”