John Raises Questions on New Security Team for Dounreay

The timing of a recruitment drive for a new team of security officers at Dounreay is being questioned by John.

He’s raised concerns after it was reported the new staff will free up existing armed officers from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary allowing them to focus on ‘more robust work’, including the protection of nuclear waste being transported by train through the Highlands to Sellafiled in Cumbria.

John, who has long campaigned against nuclear power, has already called for the trains to be halted.

Speaking on the new development he said:

“I would assume they have carried out an assessment of the risks before making these changes and have decided on this.

“There is arguably a greater need than ever to secure nuclear waste and remove the risk of anything going wrong as much as possible.

“I would question why this is happening now. One of the real concerns is transportation and I would like to have a clearer picture of what is happening with that.”