John Calls for Review into Use of ‘Riot Vans’

John is calling on Police Scotland to review the use of protective screens on police vehicles after constituents complained they look like ‘riot vans’.

He has written to Chief Constable Sir Stephen House, asking him to reconsider the use of the screens as they give a misleading impression on the level of crime in the region.

John said:

 “The Highlands and Islands is the safest place in Scotland but the increase in the use of these vehicles creates negative perceptions amongst locals and visitors as to the level and the types of crimes prevalent in the region.

 “A single police force for Scotland brings with it huge benefits when it comes to the deployment of resources and it’s right that officers in the north have access to protection when necessary but I am keen to ensure that Police Scotland steer clear of a one size fits all policy.

 “The Strathclyde way is not the only way and we must ensure that local discretion in all areas of policing is allowed to continue.”