John Receives Assurances on Island Mums’ B&B Burden

John has sought and obtained assurances from NHS Highland that it will look at alternative ways of paying expenses for women who have to stay in Oban two weeks before giving birth.

 John  contacted Chief Executive, Dr Elaine Meade, after it was revealed expectant mothers from Mull are facing bills of up to £600 in the final days of their pregnancies.

 Speaking on the issue John said:

 “I raised this with the Chief Executive as the current system of retrospective reimbursement is putting expectant families from island communities at a considerable financial disadvantage.

 “£600 is a huge financial outlay at any time but even more so in the run up to the arrival of a new baby and I welcome any change that can be made to the system that will alleviate this financial pressure.

 “Whilst it is understandable that expectant mothers are asked to stay in Oban for medical reasons in the last couple of weeks of their pregnancy, we must ensure that they are not out of pocket for any length of time as a result.”