John’s Question on Scottish Government Houses

John Finnie (Highlands and Islands) (Ind):  To ask the Scottish Government what it does to support shared or common housing registers for local authorities, housing associations and housing co-operatives. (S4O-02857)

The Minister for Housing and Welfare (Margaret Burgess): The Scottish Government has published a number of documents that provide advice on how to establish a common housing register. They are all available on the Government’s website. I can provide the member with directions to the relevant part of the website.

John Finnie: I have raised a number of issues about dwelling houses that are owned or are under the control of the Scottish Government. It has been suggested that there is no central
database for those properties. Would the minister undertake to consider the opportunities for those properties to be made available to local authorities, housing associations and housing cooperatives, rather than having them disposed of on the open market or, worse, to property speculators?

Margaret Burgess: I am willing to discuss the suggestions that the member has in that regard. I will arrange to meet the member, along with officials, to get the details of what is being
proposed. We will then consider the proposal and get back to him.