John wants ‘Cameras, Roll, and Action!’ from Police Scotland

John Finnie is concerned that victims of domestic violence, particularly those in remote and rural communities, are not getting justice, and has called on the Police to provide technology for potential victims, in the form of discreet cameras, which could gather corroborative evidence .

John said:

“The practice whereby alleged perpetrators of domestic violence are arrested ON uncorroborated allegations, detained in custody ON uncorroborated allegations, only to be released when the Procurator Fiscal marks the case ‘no proceedings’ may give the alleged victim some respite but is far from satisfactory.

“If the police were to provide those alleged victims with the highly discreet cameras worn by investigative journalists then, combined with recording mechanism, a sufficiency of evidence could be obtained to secure proceedings against often very violent individuals, hopefully leading to their conviction.

“Such a system would have minimal up-front costs, save the criminal justice system a fortune in time and resources and prove invaluable to victims in remote and rural locations in gaining access to justice.”

“I have written Chief Constable Stephen House, the Lord Advocate and the Cabinet Secretary for Justice commending this approach.”