JohnCalls for End to Preferential Church Parking

John  has called on Highland Council to end the discriminatory parking policy practised by Highland Council which allows church-goers on a Sunday to park in permit only places.

The practice allows non-permit holders to park in permit only spaces so long as they are attending religious services on a Sunday, effectively only benefiting certain religions.

IMAG0046 (4)

Commenting John said:

“Permit holders pay Highland Council to park in the street and are entitled to be annoyed that benefit is randomly diminished by the proximity of a ‘place of worship’ .

“I do not consider the signs appropriate and raised the issue with Highland Council in June of last at which time I was told that the council would undertake a review. As some months have elapsed, and the situation is unchanged, I am calling on Highland Council to remove these ridiculous signs immediately.

“If they are unwilling to do that then the obvious, equally ridiculous alternative, is to erect similar signs in streets adjacent to the city’s  mosques, for Friday parking exemptions, as well as a blanket exemption for adherents of Judaism across the city on Saturday.

“Alternatively, Highland Council could simply recognise this is the 21st Century, remove these discriminatory signs forthwith, and save themselves the prospect of wasting public money defending the inevitable legal challenge this nonsense will provoke.”