John’s Parliamentary Motions This Week

Below you can find the motions that John has lodged in Parliament this week.

Motion Number: S4M-07667
Lodged By: John Finnie
Date Lodged: 11/09/2013

Welsh Government Bans Blacklisting Companies from Public Contracts
That the Parliament welcomes the Welsh Government’s plans to block companies that blacklist workers from bidding for public contracts; condemns all blacklisting as wholly unacceptable; believes that the individuals and families that have suffered from this practice are victims of a grave injustice, deserving of compensation, and calls on the Scottish Government to follow the Welsh Government lead and ban any company that blacklists from bidding for public contracts.   

Motion Number: S4M-07686
Lodged By: John Finnie
Date Lodged: 12/09/2013

Thirsting for Justice

That the Parliament understands that the average daily consumption of water of Palestinian people to cover domestic and public service needs is around 70 litres per person; believes that this is well below the 100 litre limit recommended by the World Health Organization; understands that Israeli policies and practices limit access to water for people in Palestine to less than they are entitled to under international law; believes that only 31% of West Bank residents have access to the sewage network and that there is only one waste water treatment plant operating in the area; condemns what it sees as Israel’s refusal to grant the necessary permits or military security clearance for the construction and operation of sanitation and waste water treatment facilities; understands that the situation is far worse in the Gaza Strip where, it believes, over 30 kilometres of waterworks and 11 wells operated by the water authorities were damaged or destroyed by the Israeli military during its mission, Operation Cast Lead; understands that the Report of the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, which is known as the Goldstone report, deemed that the Israeli actions were “deliberate and systematic”; applauds the Thirsting for Justice Campaign, which, it understands, works directly with communities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and supports the campaign’s aim to encourage European citizens to demand that governments put pressure on Israel to comply with international law and for human rights to be respected in Palestine.

Motion Number: S4M-07687
Lodged By: John Finnie
Date Lodged: 12/09/2013

Inverness Older People Stay Safe Project

That the Parliament congratulates the Inverness Older People Stay Safe Project on being runner-up in the Prevention and Problem Solving category at the Safer Communities Awards 2013, which was held in Glasgow on 9 September 2013; pays tribute to the work that the group has done to raise awareness of doorstep safety among older people in Inverness; wishes the group well in its attempt to seek charity status and expand its work to cover all of the Highland region, and looks forward to the group continuing its valuable work.