John Calls for “Go Home” Posters to be Removed

John has today written (copy at foot of article) to the Home Secretary Theresa May calling for the removal of racist posters placed in the UKBA offices in Glasgow. The posters (as seen below) depict a homeless person sleeping rough and reads “Is life here hard? Going home is simple”. On each of the chairs in the waiting area is a sticker imploring immigrants to “Ask about going home”.

UKBA racist poster

Commenting John said:

“I am appalled that the UK Government would stoop to such a low level and use the racist rhetoric of the likes such as the BNP. To harass vulnerable individuals fleeing persecution and, quite often, death in their own country is nothing short of despicable.

“The right to seek asylum is guaranteed by a myriad of treaties and for the Con-Dem Government to run roughshod over this process to gloss over the damage their policies are causing over society at large is sickening. ”

20130904 Letter to Theresa May Go Home