John Signs Jubilee Debt Justice Pledge

John has signed today the Jubilee Scotland Debt Justice Pledge. The pledge calls for Scotland for Scotland to take a lead on international debt to help tackle golbal povery and inequality.

Commenting John said:

“I am pleased to have signed the Jubilee Scotland Debt Justice pledge. It is vitally important that Scotland takes a lead on unjust debt on the international stage to show that there is a better way. Impoverished countries should not have to fail in their basic responsibilities to their citizens; servicing unjust debts while neglecting the health and education of their citizens.

“I sign this pledge today so that I can show my support for Scotland to take the lead on unjust debt. It is unacceptable that countries have to ignore the poverty and suffering of their own citizens just to service debts to wealthy lender countries.”

John Jubilee Debt Pledge

The full text of the pledge can be seen below

We Believe in Debt Justice

We recognise the devastating impacts that unjust and unpayable global debt has on the life chances of millions of people. Many of these debts are the result of irresponsible lending, being made to dictatorial regimes, relating to weaponry or environmentally unsound projects, lacking in transparency, and being made to countries which could clearly not repay them in order to maximise the profits of the lenders. We also recognise the harmful impacts of conditions attached to past debt relief which poor nations are forced to accept.

We believe governments should not have to prioritise servicing debt at the expense of investment in health, education and other citizen-determined needs. We believe that as citizens of lending countries we have a responsibility to take action against these unjust debts and the global economic systems which contribute to global poverty, inequality, and conflict.

We want Scotland to become a leading nation of debt justice, a Scotland which:

– Holds no unjust or unpayable debts

– Is not implicated in the creation of new unjust or unpayable debts

– Offers itself as a seat of arbitration for unjust and unpayable global debt

– Promotes debt justice internationally