John Welcomes Withdrawal Of Knocknagael Planning Application.

John has welcomed news that the Scottish Government has withdrawn a controversial planning application for new housing on farm land it owns on the outskirts of Inverness.

Planning permission had been sought to build up to 190 homes on the 50 acre site at Knocknagael Farm, Essich.

John, who was previously the local Councillor for the area, supported local residents and the Lochardil and Drummond Community Council in their objections.

Commenting on the issue, John said:

“Whilst I am the first to advocate the use of surplus land for housing, Knocknagael Farm is prime arable land and should be put to agricultural use.

“Although HM Treasury rules dictate that the Scottish Government cannot own land that is surplus to requirements, to sell this land with planning permission simply to get the best possible price is unacceptable, not least when there is demand from the community for allotments.

“I suspect the Scottish Government will return at some point with a further planning application and, if it fails to recognise proper land use and community wishes, it will also be resisted.”