John Closes Debate on Thatcherism

The Independent/Green Group yesterday used their only debate of the year for the Scottish Parliament to debate the legacy of Thatcherism. In a debate titled “There is still such a thing as society” MSPs were asked by the Group to debate the impact of Thatcherism as an ideology, not Baroness Thatcher as an individual.

On behalf of the Independent/Green Group John closed the debate calling for the common good to take precedence over self-interest and pursuit of wealth for the betterment of society; “We all have a choice: the continuing mindless pursuit of self and wealth or the chance to prioritise the common good—because there is such a thing as society.”

Commenting afterwards John said:

“I believe that the Parliament can be proud of the way it carried itself in today’s debate. This debate was to highlight the strength of opposition that existed, and continues to exist in Scotland to the policies of Thatcherism.

“The debate prompted many interesting contributions from members across the whole chamber, and while no actual vote was taken it was clear that the bedrock principles of Thatcherism, namely promotion of greed, individualism and privatisation of public assets carried no support beyond the Conservative benches.

“David Cameron said this week “We are all Thatcherites now” I think this debate showed him to be once again out of step with the people of Scotland. The Independence Referendum will allow us an opportunity to ensure that the politics of Thatcherism are replaced with those which put the common good of society at its centre.