John Calls for Support Staff Retention

The Police Service for Scotland will begin its work on 1st April, 2013 with some uncertainty remaining over the number of police support staff to be retained.

John, Independent MSP for the Highlands and Islands, a former police officer and Member of the Parliament’s Justice Committee, has written to Chief Constable Stephen House to examine having police support staff, who might otherwise have to leave the service, undertake roles which are in the meantime the domain of police officers.

Commenting John said:

“I think it’s vital that we acknowledge the public service of police support staff and, wherever possible, seek to retain their services.

“I see no reason why the work of ‘Family Liaison Officers’ requires police powers  and, why appropriately risk assessed, those monitoring sex offenders are required to be police officers.

“Those roles may not be full-time, however, across Scotland the cumulative effect of aggregating those task, and I am sure there will be a number of others, should be considered as a way of retaining valuable police support staff.

“I am sure this approach will have been considered, however, I have written to Chief Constable House asking that he examines the potential for police support staff roles to broaden to include any that don’t require police powers.”