Campaign on Freedom of Information

I am a long-time supporter of Freedom of Information legislation, a great tool whereby citizens can keep a check on the actions of public authorities and officials.

Today in the Scottish Parliament Stage 3 Proceedings on ‘Freedom of Information (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill took place.

The Government must be applauded for recognising and removing the ill-conceived and regressive nature of ‘the Royal exemption’ originally proposed in the Bill.

I support the Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland and voted in support of their entirely reasonable amendments to update the legislation and ensure the spirit of openness and transparency which saw FOI being introduced is honoured and ‘am therefore disappointed that, with one minor exception, the Government rejected them.

Officials records will show that, for the first time in Chamber, I voted against the SNP Government. The reality of course is that I voted FOR my constituents’ rights and will always act in that way.