John Secures Ministerial Assurance on Prison Equipment

Following an announcement of plans to install equipment in Inverness and other prisons to interfere with signals from mobile phones illegally held and used by prisoners, John sought, and has received, assurances from Roseanna Cunningham that the population around Inverness Prison will not suffer any adverse effects.

John said;

“Everyone is committed to ensuring that prisoners don’t have illegal access to mobile phones in order to continue their criminal activities and interfere with witnesses.

“I am pleased to have received assurances from the Minister that ‘there will be detailed discussions with the Office of Communications’ before any equipment is deployed’.  This assurance is important because residents using telehealth and telecare equipment, the alarms older people wear and more technical remote health monitoring equipment people require in their houses, must be assured their equipment, and therefore their health, will not be adversely affected as an unintended consequence of equipment entirely within the confines of the prison.

“The Minister’s letter also covered my worry about local business and the potential interference with their daily work and concerns voiced by both the Scottish Human Rights Commissions and the Information Commissioner’s Office and I am now satisfied at the manner in which this project will be progressed.”