John Backs USDAW’s Respect For Shopworkers Week

Marking Respect for Shopworkers Week, John joined members of the shopworkers union, the USDAW, in Holyrood to show his support for the job retail staff do and give his backing the Union’s Freedom from Fear Campaign.

During Respect for Shopworkers Week, USDAW activists reminded customers to ‘Keep Your Cool at Christmas’, a time when incidents of violence and abuse against shopworkers tends to increase.

Speaking on the issue, John said, “USDAW’s Freedom from Fear campaign is helping to raise awareness of an all too common problem, I was shocked to hear that every minute of every day another shopworker is assaulted, threatened or abused. That’s why I was pleased to be able to support this important campaign and will be doing all I can to raise awareness of the problem throughout the Highlands.