John Calls on Employers to Move Towards the Living Wage

John has called on employers to move towards implementing the uprated Living Wage, which is now £7.45 for Scotland, from 5th November.

As the first annual UK-wide ‘Living Wage Week’ is going on, John has called on more employers to pay the living wage in the Highland and Islands. In doing so, they would follow the example of the public sector in Scotland such as the Scottish Government which has announced that all their directly employed staff will benefit from the new living wage rate.

The living wage would not only benefit workers but would also have a welcoming impact on employers, communities and the overall economy. The living wage would undoubtedly represent a much needed relief for hard pressed households. Nevertheless, there is evidence that there are significant benefits for employers as well, an independent commissioned by the Greater London Authority concluded.

Local communities and economies would certainly share the benefits of an increase of the income of low-paid individuals as they would be able to spend more in their local area.

Commenting on the John said:

“I am that sure more and more employers would be keen to become living wage employers once they learn of its benefits. Indeed, they could actually reduce costs as staff leaving rates could fall by up to 25%. They would also save costs related to recruitment and the training of new hires.

“I am also confident many companies would want to keep qualified staff from leaving for other Living Wage Employers. Not only would it bring ‘reputational benefits’, it would also help many households in this time of economic constraints.

“I would urge any employer of the Highland and Islands wishing to take the steps to help its local economy to contact the Living Wage Foundation.

“It is time for the private sector to get involved alongside the public sector to try and tackle the problems of poverty and inequality in our country.